Here we present the compositions connected with our group. They are either Sacred Harp compositions of the Polish singers, or the gracious and precius gifts from our singing friends, dedicated to our group or individual members. Some of the compositions include Polish language!

The first ones were Freta (composed in Poland 2009 by Alisson Blake Schofield, now published in The Shenandoah Harmony) and Okólnik (composed by Polish SH singers – Zofia Przyrowska and Jacek Borkowicz, printed in The Trumpet). Polish inspirations are clearly visible in compositions by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Allison Steel, Steve Helwig, Aldo Thomas Ceresa, P.Dan Brittain, or Sadhbh O’Flynn (listed below)

Have fun and sing them as often as you can! 🙂 We all (the group and the composers) will be happy to hear them sung all around the world!