You can see some memories from our first convention on Youtube – visit our channel: Poland Sacred Harp


Polski Zjazd Śpiewaków Sacred Harp - plakat

We are hosting two events in 2012 (not counting Euro 2012) in Poland:

First Poland Sacred Harp Convention

Our first SH Convention will be held in Warsaw, on the fourth weekend of September 2012, just after Camp Fasola Europe. We are looking forward to singing with you, feeding you, hosting you! Please visit us 🙂

We have been blessed to sing with many of you in the United States, south and north, in places such as Henagar, Hoboken, Cullman, Atlanta, Northampton, Portland, Eugene and San Francisco – and in many places in Europe, namely Bremen, Cork, Dublin, Kegworth, Poznan, Prague, Sheffield and Warsaw. And if we have never yet sung with you before – we cannot wait to do it! After more than 5 years of Sacred Harp singing, we can say that this singing has changed our lives. We have been touched so many times by Sacred Harp singers’ hospitality and joy. And we want to share it!

Camp Fasola Europe

Camp Fasola has been held in Alabama, USA for many years and several European singers have attended.  The increasing number of singers in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Poland and a grant from the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association, have made it possible to hold a similar event in Europe. Camp Fasola Europe will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Sacred Harp tradition from experienced American singing masters and to enjoy a time of singing, learning and fellowship together. It will be held in Kaszuby in northern part of Poland just before our first Convention (17-21 September 2012).

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