The Sacred Harp singing in Poland started in Poznań and in Jarosław in the early XXI century. 🙂

In Poznań, Magdalena Zapędowska – Eriksen schooled several students of hers while she was teaching at the Poznań University.

With her help, the first Sacred Harp Singing Workshop was organized in Jarosław as a part of the Old Music Festival „Song of Our Roots„. The workshop was led by Tim Eriksen & Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg on 17-24 August 2008.



In October 2009 we had a Sacred Harp Singing School taught by Allison Blake Schofield
http://www.helpmetosing.blogspot.com/, 22-25 October 2009 in Dominican Monastery, Warsaw.

Then also, on October 25, we had First Poland Sacred Harp Singing


On 18-20 March 2011 in Warsaw Aldo Thomas Ceresa & Michael Walker led another Sacred Harp Singing School. http://www.fasola.blogspot.com/


56t – Columbiana

112 – The Last Words of Copernicus

148 – Jefferson

Recordings are available thanks to Aldo Thomas Ceresa & Michael Walker.


Moreover, all this time we organized our local all-day singings, like:
– New Year’s Eve Singing in Poznań – December 2009/January 2010
– All-day Kaszuby – July 2010
– Poznań All-day Sing – November 2010
– All-day Józefów – January 2011
– Poznań All-day Sing – May 2011
– All-day Falenica – January 2012
– Poznań All-day Sing – February 2012


We are a part of a wider Sacred Harp Singing community in the USA and Europe and we often travel to meet and sing together.


The First Sacred Harp All Day Singing and Singing Workshop in Czech Republic took place on Nov 26-27 2011 in Prague. It was coorganized by Magdalena Gryszko and Błażej Matusiak, with Aldo Ceresa as a Singing School Master 🙂 Information and some memories can be found on Facebook page of the event: the 1st All Day Sing inPrague