Vol. 2, No. 2 of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter contains an article “Take My Staff and Travel On”: A Sacred Harp Journey by a Polish singer Justyna Orlikowska, describing her Sacred Harp travels in the US.

The are two articles on the 2012 UK and Poland Conventions and Camp Fasola Europe that appeared in the Vol. 2, No. 1 of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter.
One of them written by a Polish singer Gosia Perycz: A Hollow Square in My Homeland: Bringing Camp Fasola to Poland, and another one written by our friend from UK, Fynn Titford-Mock: Celebrating Sacred Harp in Europe, September, 2012.

Southernspaces published an article by Jesse P. Karlsberg on Sacred Harp, „Poland Style”

Our history was described by the singers Magdalena Gryszko and father Błażej Matusiak OP in an article „The Polish Sol„, published in issue no. 3 of „The Trumpet„.